Our Story

Siti Nuriati Husin, Siti Nuriati Studio Co-Founder and Creative Director

Hello there!

Welcome to Siti Nuriati Studio. I started my creative business in Malaysia as a commissioned portrait artist. However, I had dreams of moving to the United States and becoming a successful portrait artist there. In my early 20’s,  I even wrote my dream business name and a location on a piece of paper, ‘Siti Nuriati Husin Studio - Los Angeles’. Ten years later, I moved to Los Angeles for real!

Soon after my Princess Diana portraits were internationally featured, I left the portrait business for good and started focusing on painting still life and florals. My paintings and illustrations are geared towards realism, capturing the subjects when they had already bloomed or ripened. 

Whether it’s for your home, office or other properties you own, our paintings will help you beautify your space, give you peace of mind and help make you appreciate the beauty on earth. 

We hope that our collections help inspire you to live an awesome life. We can’t wait to see what paintings you choose to decorate your walls with. 

Welcome to the Siti Nuriati Studio family! 

Warm regards,
Siti and David Friedman
Co-Owners, Siti Nuriati Studio


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