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Work With Siti

Preserve your special memento with a painting.

How do you keep the memento given to you by someone you love who just passed away? The locket that mom gave to you as a teenager. Or the baby blanket that looked so cute on your child when they were a baby. Or the picture of the first hibiscus bloom that dad planted in the yard.

Sadly, I don’t own any mementos that remind me of my late parents. And that’s the driving force for me to help you preserve your special mementos.

Your treasured item may not last forever, but a painting of it will.

Hi! I’m Siti, a realist painter based out of Los Angeles and my mission is to help families like you create heirloom gifts that can be passed down from generation to generation.

I believe every family should own a realistic artwork of a treasured object that reminds them of their loved ones.

And that’s where I come in.

With a realistic painting, you can tell a story that is unique to you. Imagine being able to relay the story of an object dear to you, to your children, grandchildren, or even a group of close friends. You’ll be able to tell them why the painting is so special to you.

How will you preserve your special memento given to you by your loved ones?

I’d be honored to work with you to create your one of a kind, custom painting so you and your loved ones can continue to cherish your precious memento.

Let’s get started today!

24" x 36" $20,000 6 - 8 Months PASTEL
18" x 24" $10,000 4 - 6 Months
16" x 20"   $8,000
11" x 14"   $5,000  2 Months
  • Please note, fees are subject to change without notice.
  • Price is based on a single subject. Additional subjects, add 50%. Full background, add 30%.
  • Framing included - Completed painting framed in a beautiful wood frame.
  • All travel and lodging expenses are additional.


Flowers and fruits from your parents’ garden, grandma’s antique teacups or your wedding flowers, I welcome painting the beautiful mementos that you want to preserve for your future generations.

*Restrictions apply. No human or animal will be portrayed in commissioned works.


To commission Siti, simply email us


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